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Are You Who You "Post" To Be: Finding Your True Identity


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Finding Your True Identity
Authored by Danita Ogandaga
Foreword by Darcy Ogandaga

Social media has afforded us the unique opportunity to create a new, albeit, digital brand new identity of ourselves. We adopt the persona of a life of selfies, usies, and them-ies, but not realizing we're still lurking our pages wondering how long before we're found out and how long we can keep up the perfection identity. Inside each of us is a core self that is nurtured by Father God that is waiting for us to connect with that amazing question: "Who was I before the world or I was told what I should be?

Your core wants to become a part of that profile you're creating on social media encouraging you to be authentic; unleashed. No amount of Facebook Likes, Instagram Loves, Twitter Tweets, or Periscope Followers can top the unconditional love that God has for you. Decide today to renew your mind to find your true identity. In this interactive book, Danita will show you that social media does not solve root pain; rather, it creates a downloadable you that will eventually have to deal with your issues anyway; so go ahead and ask that person, " Are You Who You "Post" To Be?"

About the author:
Danita Ogandaga (www.danitaogandaga.com) is an international speaker, grief specialist, and author who teaches on the orphan spirit and emotional healing illustrating with her powerful life story and traumatic experiences how you can overcome obstacles, recover from grief and root pain, and give birth to the purpose that is within you.

Today, Danita and her husband, social media guru, Darcy Ogandaga encourage over 150,000 followers, subscribers, and members of their online community through their weekly webinars, podcasts, articles, blogs, and vlogging. In addition, she is a regular guest on several radio stations offering devotional and encouragement to persons who are overcome with grief and identity issues. She and her husband, Darcy, reside near Atlanta, Georgia, with their two adorable girls, Talmer-Marie and Boutou-Sudie.


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Publication Date: Jul 11 2015
ISBN/EAN13: 1514848910 / 9781514848913
Page Count: 82
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Psychology / Emotions

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