Image of Marriage and Miscarriages: The Art of Recovering All

Marriage and Miscarriages: The Art of Recovering All


There are some things worth fighting for and your peace is one of them. This life will be filled with joys, pains, and some traumatic experiences that you may feel as though you'd never recover from. Still there is hope. Marriage and Miscarriages is a photo look book filled with encouragement as Darcy and Danita Ogandaga share their experience of being married ten years and enduring the pain of a miscarriage. Their marriage and communication was tested in the process but God remained faithful as they turned to him for healing, comfort, and ultimately the peace to go forward in life knowing that for every trial you face in life, you can be encouraged and equipped to recover all!

Format: Audio Teaching Approximately 70 minutes and Confessions for Supernatural Childbirth
Publisher: Trillionaire Media
Language: English, Available in French

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